What is Home Tending – Hometending?

Home tending is a creative solution for home owners and real estate agents who have had a property on the market for an extended amount of time. Statistics say a property that is occupied will sell faster, and for a higher value. A home tender will lower home insurance rates, keep out vandals, squatters, and thieves, correct neglected lawns, gardens, pools, basic maintenance and get the property shining and ready to show. The hometender is put in contract with the hometending company to live in the home at a discounted price for using their furniture tastefully to professionally stage the property for showing in order for the property to be sold faster and at a higher value.

A hometender will exchange dramatically lower rents on large premier homes, agreeing by contract to keep the property in “show ready” condition, and be away from the home whenever it needs to be shown. Because the tenders agree to keep property in show quality condition at all times, more and more Realtor’s are convincing they’re home owners to use this service. Tenders will usually be responsible for paying all utilities such as water, garbage, and electricity/gas. These fees can be a small inconveniences when paying rents that are significantly below market value.

Market conditions create circumstances for properties to stay vacant for longer periods of time, Homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in the pros and cons of home tending services. Research statistics that are now coming out are showing that properties that are occupied and have tasteful furnishings in homes sell faster and receive higher offers than vacant homes according to the National Association of Realtor’s. Real Estate agents are split in their opinions, 50% say hometended properties are the way to go, they show like none other and give the properties that have been vacant for months new hope in getting that coveted offer. The other half, turn their head the other way, shrug their shoulders and say “No Way”

One anonymous writer states some interesting positives about hometending. “Some pros to home tending include its cheapness to the owner, and the fact that a home may remain in much better shape when it is occupied. A freshly cleaned home that is beautifully furnished may be more attractive ultimately to a buyer, and clearly prices will start to degrade if serious problems begin to occur in the home and it is not regularly maintained. Since there are many home tending services, it’s a good idea to investigate a few prior to determining if this service is appropriate. Look extensively at obligations of the tenants and the company, and services offered by each company prior to signing any contracts. Clearly the main intent is to keep a home beautiful so that it will sell quickly; if a company can’t guarantee keeping the home in excellent condition, look elsewhere for one that can.”

Craig Nordsieck, Senior Accounts Executive from NORDz Hometending Services in Boise, Idaho says. ” Home Tending is a Win Win Win for all involved. This is a very exciting industry to be in right now. I love getting that phone call from one of our aggressive mortgage brokers telling me one of our hometenders has qualified to buy the property they’re in. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you provided the means to get a good American back into home ownership, a good Realtor a nice listing commission, and a food Homeowner a SOLD property! “

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