Temporary Housing Solutions In Boise Idaho

Temporary Housing = Short Term Rentals

Here at NORDz we are currently working on solutions for folks in need of temporary housing or short term lease/rental agreements. We are working with fellow Real Estate agents to come up with new ideas on how we can use our access to multiple listings to come up with a win / win solution. NORDz will provide month to month lease agreements for premier homes / condos / apartments providing temporary housing at a price that is affordable. We can do this using our contracts, relationships with vendors, and a unique idea called Home Tending.

Home Tending as a Temporary Housing Solution for:

1. This is a great solution for Executives moving to a new area, that want to explore different parts of a new city to make a decision where he/she would like to settle down. We can relocate you through the city every couple months until you find the right location.
2. This is also a good solution for home buyers who have purchased a piece of land, and need temporary housing while their house is being built.
3. A person who is a bit down on their luck. Their credit score has hit rock bottom due to foreclosure, short sale, or any other financial disaster. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. These are the folks we love to help get back on top of their game. NORDz can put them in the level of housing they are used to at a considerable lower cost while they restore their credit, and get their lives back on track. This is one of the neat things about working for this company, the emotional high of helping someone succeed in getting them back into home ownership.
4. Our Temporary Housing solutions work well for empty nesters that like to move around. Why stay stuck in one resident, when you can enjoy living several every year?

How it works – How to get started

First, we have the interested individuals fill out an application. There’s an online one on the home page of this site. We will then qualify them for the level of housing that would fit their furniture and income level. After qualifying hometender, we use our Interior Decorator to stage the listed property that is for sale using the hometenders furniture. The hometender will be under contract to NORDz Hometending Services to help show, sell, and maintain the property occupied in exchange for a discounted temporary housing / short term stay in the contracted property. Statistic from NAR say homes that are lived in or staged sell faster and at a higher value. It shows pride of ownership, and gives the buyer a better idea of what it would feel like to live in the property.

Sign up for Temporary Housing

If you are looking for temporary housing or a short term lease follow this link Apply Here and fill out our hometending application.

I’m ready to apply to the Hometending program online now.Apply Here!

Our main office is located in Boise, Idaho.
We Currently Offer Home Tending Services in These Areas:

Star Middleton
Mt. Home
Idaho City

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